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AEDs In Every Public Venue

Photo of AED Machine

The Ralls County Ambulance District is working hard to ensure that an automated external defibrillator(AED) is placed in every public venue, school, church, etc. where large numbers of people gather in Ralls County, Missouri. Sudden cardiac arrest is one of the leading causes of death in the United States and the best chance for survival is early activation of the EMS system and rapid defibrillation.

Our goal is to place AED's throughout the county and mark the locations for rapid access and instructions to 911 callers. Unlike many other AED systems, we are also providing pediatric defibrillation pads for each unit placed and all of the necessary training, maintenance, etc. for free.

To show our dedication to this mission, we will be budgeting for three (3) AED packages per year every year. With a total package cost of $1800, we are seeking corporate and individual donations to help us reach our goal of placing as many AED's as possible in our community. All donations made to the District are considered charitable and are tax-deductible.

Please help us to help you by contributing today! We have seen many lives saved as a result of early access to defibrillation via an AED. They are proven to make a difference and we will continue to strive to see this mission succeed. Thank you for your support!!